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Configure mobile app behaviour


Here we will explain how to configure your apps to be used in the OpenRemote mobile app. You have the option to show/not show on mobile, and for which realms the app is available. Also you can define whether realm options are shown as a list or input field (if you don't want to reveal all available realms).

Mobile apps can be found in the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore

The first time opening the app you will be asked three things: 'App Domain', 'Select an app' and 'Enter the Realm'. Switching between domains, apps and realms can be done by long-pressing the app icon on your home screen. If you are hosting an OpenRemote instance at use the following: 'App Domain' is ''.

Configure apps which can be selected

Apps can be hidden from the consoles using one of the following methods:

  • Either placing an empty .appignore file in the folder of the platform- or custom app.
    For example: /ui/app/custom/.appignore

  • Or, customizing the console_config.json file, which is located in the /deployment/manager/app folder.
    The allowedApps field allows you to customize the list of apps that is visible in consoles.
    For example: { allowedApps: ['manager', 'custom'] }

Both of these options only impact the consoles, the URLs are still available on the web.
If during use only one App is present, the consoles will automatically skip the 'app selection'-menu, and go straight to the app.

Configure for which realms the app can be used


  • shortlist available realms
  • show as dropdown list or input field
  • if only one realm, skip step

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