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Preparing the environment

To build OpenRemote projects, you have to first prepare the environment on your developer workstation or build machine. Alternatively you can use a Docker image with tooling.

Ensure you have installed and configured the following tools:

Runtime tooling

To run docker images from Docker Hub you need to install the following tooling:

If you want to manage remote Docker engines then you will also need to install docker-machine separately (since docker 2.2.x):

Ensure the following commands execute successfully:

docker ps
docker-compose version

If you installed Docker machine then make sure the following command executes successfully:

docker-machine version

Development tooling

For development you need the following in addition to the runtime tooling:

Ensure the following commands execute successfully:

java -version
git --version
node -v
yarn -v

Ensure that you have the JAVA_HOME environment variable set to the path of JDK.

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