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OpenRemote CLI

The openremote-cli (or or for short) is a command line tool that can be used for deploying the OpenRemote stack, note that this tool is still in beta.


  • docker
  • python
  • docker-compose
  • aws-cli

In case of using the prebuilt openremote/openremote-cli Docker image, only docker is needed.


pip3 install -U openremote-cli
openremote-cli -V

There is also Docker image provided:

docker run --rm -ti openremote/openremote-cli <command>

Note that the image ENTRYPOINT is set to the openremote-cli command (the same way as amazon/aws-cli Docker image) therefore docker run --rm -ti openremote/openremote-cli -V is equivalent to openremote-cli -V.

Deploy on localhost

or deploy --action create

using Docker

docker run --rm -ti -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock openremote/openremote-cli deploy

Deploy on AWS


  • aws-cli
  • openremote-cli AWS profile. If you have Id and AWS secret key, you can use following command:
or configure_aws --id <id> --secret <secret> -v

At the moment the default region must be set to eu-west-1 (Ireland), this is done by the openremote-cli. This can be changed using aws-cli (not recommended):

aws configure --profile=openremote-cli

Deploy the stack:

or deploy --provider aws --dnsname -v

Remove the stack and clean resources:

or deploy -a remove --provider aws --dnsname -v

Check health of running manager

or deploy -a health -v
or deploy -a health --dnsname -v

Configure manager

> or manager --list-realms --login -q -t

Listing realms
master Master
smartcity Smart City

To check (growing) list of commands:

> or manager -h
usage: openremote-cli manager [-h] [-V] [-n] [-v] [-t] [-q] [-u USER] [-p PASSWORD] [--dnsname DNSNAME] [--list-realms] [--list-users]
[--list-public-assets] [--create-user] [--delete-user] [--realm REALM] [--login]

manage online manager

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-V, --version show program's version number and exit
-n, --dry-run showing effects without actual run and exit (default: False)
-v, --verbosity increase output verbosity (default: 0)
-t, --no-telemetry Don't send usage data to server (default: False)
-q, --quiet suppress info (default: False)

manager arguments:
-u USER, --user USER username (default: admin)
-p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
user password (default: None)
--dnsname DNSNAME OpenRemote dns (default:
--list-realms list defined realms (default: False)
--list-users list defined users in a realm (default: False)
--list-public-assets list public assets in a realm (default: False)
--create-user create users in a realm (default: False)
--delete-user delete users from a realm (default: False)
--realm REALM realm to work on (default: master)
--login login into manager (default: False)