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Connect to a KNX network via a KNX IP Interface/Router.

Agent configuration

The following describes the supported agent configuration attributes:

AttributeDescriptionValue typeRequired
hostIP Interface/Router hostname or IP addressHostname or IP addressY
portIP Interface/Router portPort numberN
NATModeEnable NAT modeBooleanN (Default = false)
routingModeEnable Routing modeBooleanN (Default = false)
messageSourceAddressSource group addressText (KNX Group Address e.g. 1.1.1)N (Default = 0.0.0)

For attributes linked to this agent, the following describes the supported agent link fields which are in addition to the standard Agent Link fields:

FieldDescriptionValue typeRequired
typeAgent typeText (Must be KNXAgentLink)Y
dptThe DPT (data point type) of the group addressText (DPT e.g. 1.001)Y
actionGroupAddressGroup address for attribute writeText (KNX Group Address e.g. 1.1.1)N (Default = 0.0.0)
statusGroupAddressGroup address for attribute readText (KNX Group Address e.g. 1.1.1)N (Default = 0.0.0)

Discovery and Import

To understand discovery and import refer to Agent and Asset Discovery/Import. This protocol supports the following:

  • Protocol Asset Import (*.knxproj)

Each group address in the project file will create a new asset with a single attribute also with the same name (no spaces in attribute name), the attribute type is determined by the following naming convention:

  • Group Address ends with #A - Actuator (executable attribute)
  • Group Address ends with #S - Sensor (read only)
  • Group Address ends with #SA or #AS - Actuator and sensor

Only group addresses using this convention will be imported