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Simulate a connection to an external service, useful during development when the real service is un-available etc. It can also be used to automatically replay a fixed set of simulated values over a repeating 24h period.

Agent configuration

There is no configuration required on the agent for this protocol.

For attributes linked to this agent, the following describes the supported agent link fields which are in addition to the standard Agent Link fields:

FieldDescriptionValue typeRequired
typeAgent typeText (Must be SimulatorAgentLink)Y
replayData24h dataset of values that should be replayed (i.e. written to the linked attribute) in a continuous loopSimulatorReplayDatapoint[]N

Additional info

Attributes linked to this agent that are written to will follow a route through the system as if it came from a remote service.

Simulator Replay Datapoints

Attributes linked to this agent that have a replayData field in their Agent Link will cause the values within to be replayed over a 24h period in a continuous loop. Each SimulatorReplayDatapoint value must have a timestamp (seconds offset from midnight 00:00 in the system time of the machine that hosts the manager) and a value, this value will then be written to the attribute at the specified seconds offset from midnight each day.